some of the Maps we do

    Drilling, Production Project, Oil & Gas Prospect Maps
    Pipeline, ROW/Easement Maps
    Abstract, Mineral History, Curative & Leasehold Maps
    Acreage Total
    Gas, Water & Power Lines

    ODNR, Production and Historical Maps

    Other Mapping Services

    Metes and Bounds (specialty)
    Seismic 2D/3D Mapping
    Digital and Paper Maps (44 inch HP Plotter)
    Data Conversion to Global Mapper, ArcGIS 10.5, Civil 3D
    , AutoCAD

    UAV imagery and Inspection services

    Listed below are a few of the assets we inspect.
    Powerlines and stations
    Construction Sites
    Commercial and residential real estate
    Pipeline, bridge and roadway assesment
    Radio and Cell Towers
    Fire scene inspection
    Roof and Building Inspections
    Land and urban planning


    Our goal is helping the adjusters and other insurance professionals settle claims quickly
    We take both overview and close-up photos to help spot hard to see damage like creased shingles and hail strikes
    Roof measurements, slope, area, as well as wall, opening and detached structure measurement reports using Xactimate.

    Some of the benefits of using Drone.

    Reduce your material, infrastructure, operating costs & down-time
    Increase your profit
    Lower your insurance premiums
    Increase your marketability to prospective clients.