Zoran Smaic -
    Owner, Lead Mapper, Drone Operaor

    He has a thorough knowledge of GIS and is an expert user of ArcGIS software with substantial hands-on experience. As a GIS Mapper, he has worked with the Federal Government (US Department of Agriculture)

    Zoran was an Military Police Officer Team Leader in Iraq. When not kicking the insurgents ass, Zoran taught the future lead GIS Manager of the Kirkuk Regional Government basic ArcGIS. GIS was used to plan his daily combat patrol routes and ground security team operations.

    After his last tour, Zoran decided to form Blacksheep Mapping, LLC to fill the increasing need for GIS services in todays business market. Starting with Oil/Gas, then Enviorenmental and working with Conservancy groups in mapping out trailheads for hikers, Mountain bikers etc...


    Cycling (Competitive) - Running - Mountaineering (14ers) - Family Time
    10 years Marine Corps (1811 Tanker)and Army 31B (Military Police Officer) - Multiple tours Iraq - Wounded Warrior Project alumni.

    Raphael Wightman -
    Programming and Database

    Started off in Database Management in Financial Institutions, took that knowledge into Marketing and web design. He began Wightman Design Group in pursuit of expression of his individuality and creativity in web designs.