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The story behind Blacksheep is he has gone on over 1,000 combat patrols and came under fire while deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan.

His role was unique. Blacksheep was point man and at times, a "gun bunny", who was twice acquitted for alleged violations of the Rules of Engagement.

 2006 Iraq - Providing Security

At one point, he was CASEVAC'd where had his front right leg re-attached, he refused to be ampuated and was back on duty within one day.

Among the Local Nationals and the kiddos, he was a fan favorite.
They enjoyed his antics while he was up in the gun spot.

Currently, he is in Afghanistan, continuing his role of being a Personal Protection Officer to Zoran's brother

Update 12/2012- Blacksheep was retired and enjoying his retirement when ambushed by an Australian Shephard, a case of friendly fire. Blacksheep has recovered and enjoying life once again.