We have been working in the Oil & Gas industry since 2010, eight years of independence.

Projects include Pipeline, ROW/Easements, Leaseholds, Wells, customized maps and more.

The Land Management Systems and related sites we are experienced with include: iLandman, Totaland, Bluetick, Landboss, Drilling Info, Courthouse Direct.

Our Drone Imagery and Inspection Services allows us to Increase your profit, lower your insurance premiums.

We are Part 107 LIcenced and Insured.

It allows us to help with your insurance claim by helping the adjuster speed up the settlement.

Some jobs we can drone.
Powerlines and power stations
M onuments
Radio and cell towers
Fire scene inspections
Rooftop & building inspections

Residential and Commercial Property
and more...

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States we have worked:

States Blacksheep has done work in.
drone image construction on church grounds
Roof inspection - Inspire 1 Drone

USA Operations
Longmont, Colorado

Austin, Texas

Overseas Operations
Afghanistan, Iraq
(requiring mapper onsite in any unstable region, please contact us)

Veteran-owned business

(Marine Corps & Army Military Police Officer)

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