Since 2010, Blacksheep Mapping is an independant consulting company providing professional GIS services. We use the most current ESRI products - ArcMap, ArcGIS Pro and ArcGIS ONLINE (AGOL).

Why go with us? We provide GIS services that are responsive, using the latest software and technology while producing work on time.

Our work has spanned nationwide, working with companies and indviduals in the Energy Industry, Real Estate buyers, mineral owners, private landowners, Recreational property owners to map your trails, facilities and points of interest or environmental service companies.

Accurate and up-to-date mapping is crucial for your clients, projects and investments. Our GIS team can update your maps, create and provide custom map that are correct and current.

We specialize in taking the calls from the description, and creating tracts and maps based off that. Do you need to verify location of the parcel(s), the boundaries or GIS acreage, we will provide accurate mapping.

The Land Management Systems we are experienced in: iLandman, Totaland, Bluetick, and Landboss.

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